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As a proud marketing employee of Integrated Systems you should be asking yourself: is this copy converting? Could it convert faster, better, stronger?

Could metrics support a data driven process? Will it just lead to false conclusions driven by your bias, leading you to expensively do what you would have done anyway? Maybe a podcast can enlighten you?

Maybe you should run a focus group? Maybe two?

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This image has nothing to do with our product

But we found it inspiring, and so should you.

Oh, you're a scroller aren't you?

What you need to say, but your visitors won't read

So let's face it, only 20 percent of your visitors will scroll down this far. Use this space to write the stuff you need search engines to read! They're not easily bored and have a voracious appetite.

The search engines also love words in headings, keyword repetitions, alternative text for images. We also read a post on ritualistically sacrificing your childhood dreams for SEO, but there's no guaranteeing it will work (we tried).

But seriously, Google works constantly at making SEO gaming harder so just be, uh, relevant and relatable.